Happy Birthday Ruger. 14 years old and handsome as ever. It was so much fun to be able to build this Apple Tower for you! I adore doing Cake smashes with all the fur babies but this was a bucking good time! This cake smash was especially heartwarming because he is close to my heart but also helping the horses feel loved by volunteering while they are not able to open brings a special warmth to this session. Ruger helped us pass out Apple Cupcakes to all his friends after his session.

It took about 30 minutes to construct this tower of apples and I was ready to give up. Finally after a few topples of the small tower I managed a system of structure to hold the apples high for my friend at the ranch. Definitely suggest using plastic toothpicks instead of wooden for easy removal. I made sure to remove all toothpicks before the horses were given them as a treat.

01 / 10