Making memories

last forever


I capture the stories and images of beautiful souls. I am a mother of four beautiful rescues that enjoy trying to trick me into feeding them multiple times even though they already had dinner. My life is full of fur and tail wags which is how I prefer it. There is something truly special about the way your pet changes your whole world. The love and fulfillment from your best friend will be something that lives with you forever. Whether your best friend has hooves or a short snout with bug eyes when they happen to see a treat I'm here for them all! I have had a camera in my hands since I could walk and I adore making timeless photos for my pack. It is my firm belief that we all should have images that we can hold on to that will not fade away when technology fails us. Now, I will admit to you I am the lady that brings up her dog in a conversation and has to show you 5,000 pictures of them sleeping upside down. Sadly, there are a lot of times that I have met people that will look down and say they wish they had captured that moment with their best friend while they were still around. You will have your best friend forever in your heart no matter what but I want you to have a memory you can hold. My goal is to give everyone the chance to capture that moment for them to hold on to forever. Now don't worry if you do not have a a furry friend I'm still here to help you capture your beautiful memory to hold onto forever. I look forward to meeting you or your furry companion very soon. Are you ready to make a moment last forever?


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